by Fand

Problems in the Fight World Today

Feb 22, 2022
The Fight World Today

1) Fighters Don't Get Paid Enough
  • In 2020, UFC announced they would not pay fighters above 20% of revenue. Problems for fighers are the amount of fights and in turn, prize money, available. What are fighters supposed to do in between fights? Try to get sponsors to pay for their training camps. It might be easy for some but for everyone else you need to rely on a good manager or a good coach and that is if you have either of those...
2) Promoter Problems
  • Matchmaking is more than just arranging ranked fighters, people want to be entertained and are more likely to pay to watch matches that are hyped. Pay Per View and ticket sale revenues are unknown variables. Current platforms offer to buy event content for a fraction of the cost, taking ownership of content to prevent marketing potential, or charging a high commission percentage to host the Pay Per View. 
3) Sponsorship Performance
  • The age old problem of talent sponsorship is to ensure both parties involved perform according to their contractural terms. Making sure fighters post content with the right copy, hashtags, handles, and on time. Making sure sponsors pay out accordingly.